Electrics and Wiring

If your vehicle is mid 50’s or older then it most likely has a cloth wrapped copper or aluminium wiring harness encased in a rubber sleeve.

These would have served well in their day but as time goes by they become brittle. Age, moisture and heat start to rot the materials surrounding the wires. Eventually parts of the harness crack and break off exposing the wires that run through your dash, chassis or under your carpet.

If that wire comes into contact with metal or another wire then you cause a short in the system.

In modern cars with a 12v system this usually results in a popped fuse but in older cars with a 6v you don’t have the luxury of this feature and a short usually results in heat building up in the wire harness. This heat is very intense and will cause the surrounding insulation to smoulder and catch fire within a matter of seconds.

Where possible it is always best to remove the old wiring harness and replace it with a new one. In most cases a plug and play harness can be purchased.

If a complete harness is not available or not required we can custom make a harness or loom to suit your requirements.

You can also book your car in for any minor electrical problems that you may be having, indicators, window switches, alternators/generators, radios etc are just a small example of what we can fix.

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