Paint Stripping and Media Blasting

Media blasting is a very cost effective and popular means of getting a vehicle and its parts stripped back to bare metal. Media blasting doesn’t always require us to completely dismantle a vehicle to a bare shell. We are able to media blast around most trims and glass without causing any damage to these parts.

At CPR we use Sodium Bi-Carbonate and Crushed Glass to strip body panels, chassis’ and frames of their coatings.

Unlike other forms of media blasting, such as sand and garnet, our non toxic food grade soda and 100% recycled glass are not only better for the environment but they do not harden or distort any of your panels or parts.

This makes body and panel work more cost effective after the stripping process has been completed.

If we are stripping the underside of the body then bare shells are mounted onto our rotisserie where we can turn your vehicle a full 360deg for ease of access.

Like all of our restoration steps our media blasting is done onsite with our own blasting equipment.

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