Vintage Cars


At Custom Paint and Restoration we are proud to offer a number of quality substitutions to paint removal, degreasing, chemical cleaning/coatings removal and restoration and protection. 

Media Blasting is a quick and effective part of our restoration process and ensures that you receive the best quality finish right from the start. 

Our specially designed crushed glass is delivered to surfaces by means of low pressure compressed air at high velocity. 


"Blast Mate" crushed glass blasting media is the ideal product for the restoration process.

Crushed glass quickly and effectively removes paint and body fillers without creating excessive heat. It will not work harden metal panels allowing for metal shaping during the bodywork process. Crushed glass delivers a natural "white metal" finish that many other sandblasting abrasives cannot, and significantly decreases contaminate embedment issues as the media is not reusable.

Blast Mate is made from fully recycled glass so you are helping with the sustainability of our environment  by limiting waste to our landfills and preserving our natural resources.