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Welcome to our new reality, for the next 4 weeks at least! Coming up to our second week of lock down and we hope that you are adjusting well to this new way of life. I can say for certain that this is already resulting in some great time at home and managing to finish off some of those projects which have been on the cards for longer than I care to remember.

Like many other small businesses in New Zealand, we are labourers  and our business is not one that we can take home with us and run from the cloud. So this means that we need to take this time to get in touch with you to remind you of those projects you have sitting in your garage as well.

Hopefully some of you are using this time to get started, carry back on with or investigating what needs doing on your vehicles, and our team of professionals is here to help, with free advice on how to tackle any of your restoration or project questions or issues.

As a small, family run business, we rely on you and you advertising our business without even realising it, through word of mouth. So chat to your friends, your family and those who you know have an unfinished project sitting in their garage and get them to reach out.

We just want to put out a big thanks to those of you who have already booked jobs with us for when we return.

We are taking bookings now, large and small for when we reopen the doors.

Get in touch by phone or email and ask us anything restoration related. We have the answers for you.

Stay safe, stay at home and stay in touch.

The Team at Custom Paint and Restorations

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