• Matt Brook

Double Trouble

If you’ve been following along at home you might be mistaken for thinking we have posted the same car twice in as many weeks. And you could be forgiven for thinking so, but no, this is not the case.

Not long after completing Brian and Helens Stunning Red MK II I was introduced to Colin and Carol Gussey. I had actually met Colin about a year ago but it was at this years Orewa Beach Festival, where we had the first MK II on display, that we reconnected. As we were talking it wasn’t long before the penny dropped and we realised that we had already discussed his vehicle and the certain issues that needed correcting.

Having already worked on a bazillion MK II’s we were well familiar with the potential pitfalls of disassembling one of these vehicles and what we could possibly find along the way so Colin was deep in “prepare for the worst hope for the best mode”

Thankfully there were limited issues when striping it down and aside from some dubious repairs to the lower sections of the doors it was in good condition for an almost 60 year old car. As with many of the cars we work on, Disassembly consisted of removing all external trim and mouldings, hardware and lights as wells as the doors, windows and rubber seals.

Now this is were we tell you that Colin is a French Polisher by trade ... Think High Gloss Grand Pianos. For us that means our paint finish needs to be on point and that all starts with the paint prep.

We start by blocking down the panels to take out all the imperfections in the body work and making sure that they are mirror straight before putting down a good High Build primer.

From there our 3 step paint preparation process was followed to get it ready for paint before going into the paint booth for a final mask up and wipe down.

3 Luxurious layers of red base were laid down before sealing it in with 3 more layers of High Gloss Clear Coat ensuring a deep rich red.

After cleaning and polishing all of the external trim, lights and Bumpers we refitted everything using a combination of refurbished original parts and replacement clips and hardware including new screen rubbers and trim.

The finished product is something that far exceeded Colin’s expectations in every way shape and form so much so that upon collection Colin was straight up the driveway to go pick up his friends to take them for a drive.

Ellerslie Car Show and Concours de Elegance

We were once again invited to display in the main hall of the NZ Classic Car Magazine Ellerslie Car Show. It was great meeting you all and talking to you about not only what we had on display but the project you are working on currently.

For those that attended you would have seen the 1950 MK V Jaguar Drophead Coupe that we have been restoring.

This has been one of our biggest projects to date and the list of challenges that we have had to overcome is long and involved but out team of expert restorers have stepped up at every occasion.

Thanks again to everyone who came over to admire our work and craft. We look forward to working with you in the future.

5th Annual Brit and Euro Car Show

Our last car show for the summer and what a way to finish off. The sheer volume of vehicles just blows my mind let alone the variety.

We once again brought along the 1950 MK V Jaguar drop head coupe for display and the attention it got was a testament to my teams hard work and dedication.

With over 1200 vehicles on display it is very easy to get lost in the crowd and even harder to talk to everyone who pops in to say hello. If I missed talking to you over the Sunday then please do not hesitate to drop me an Email or pick up the phone and call me. I’m more than happy to answer any of your Restoration Questions.

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